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The Sporkful Podcast

I designed the logo, and other graphic elements,

for the award winning podcast The Sporkful, 

hosted by Dan Pashman.

10,000+ Instagram followers

16,000+ Facebook followers

2018 James Beard Award:
Best Food Podcast


2017 Webby Awards:
Best Lifestyle Podcast, Best Host Honoree.



Google Cloud
By Captivate

OOH ad-campaign for Google featuring a dynamic overlay of real-time NCAA March Madness game scores. Displayed across Captivate’s national network of 11,000+ media screens reaching over 3 million people daily.

Results targeting C-Suite and IT decision makers (ITDMs):
•  54% ad recall among ITDMs

•  54% ad effectiveness among ITDMs
•  18% of ITDMs went online to learn more

MediaPost 2018 Finalist:
Technology/Consumer Electronics


By Captivate

OOH ad-campaign for Staples running programmatically through Rubicon & Mediamath targeting small business decision makers using Dstillery. Displayed across Captivate’s national network of 11,000+ media screens reaching over 3 million people daily.

•  22% ad recall

•  57% lift in brand rating
•  73% lift in select brand perception statement

•  126% lift in select messaging statement

MediaPost 2018 Finalist: 
Travel & Tourism

Unilever-Degree Men
By Captivate

OOH ad campaign for Unilever incorporating real-time temperatures to align with contextually relevant messaging to tout the advanced protection technology of Degree. Displayed across Captivate’s national network of 11,000+ 11,000+ media screens reaching over 3 million people daily.

Results among males 18-49:
•  42% ad recall

•  70% aware of Degree Men Advanced Protection after exposure
•  51% likely to purchase the product

MediaPost 2018 Finalist: 
Digital OOH using Realtime

Captivate Elevator Experiment

Marketing video created for Captivate to highlight their premium video platform and how it connects advertisers to influential viewers in a real world environment during the workday. 

2019 Hermes Creative Award: Platinum
Electronic Media / Marketing Video
(product & service)


Acura ELS Studio Audio System

Acura's ELS Studio® is a premium in-vehicle audio system developed by Acura, Panasonic, and eight-time Grammy Award winning engineer Elliot Scheiner. ELS Studio® provides an uncompromised listening experience that makes drivers feel as if they're in a recording studio. Initially developed for the launch of Acura's NSX supercar, it is now available in all Acura models.

I led the overall design & build for this display & audio experience for Panasonic at CES in Las Vegas. While the initial unveiling was for CES, there are plans to put one in Acura dealerships nationwide. 

Bank Of America Digital Ads

When I was Sr. Art Director at TPN, I created a lot of digital ads for Bank of America - A top 5 account. These ads were made for digital screens in 4,000+ banking centers nationwide,

as well as for outdoor displays in NYC Times Square and BofA's corporate offices in Charlotte North Carolina.

I led the overall creative from concept development, messaging, pre & post production, and I was on-site for all live-action filming.

2015 DSE Gold Apex Award:

Professional & Personal Services for "Mobile Check Deposit"

2015 Bronze Telly Award:

Commercial Outdoor / Environmental

In-Store for "Cash Rewards"

Perry Ellis Digital Ads

During my time at Panasonic, I worked on a lot of motion design content for client digital screen installations.


These Perry Ellis ads were to promote their Spring/Summer Menswear Collection sold exclusively at Macy's. The overall theme was "A fashion forward day at the beach." I worked closely with Perry Ellis' marketing team to ensure these ads aligned with what their in-house team were also creating.

These ads were also incorporated into Perry Ellis' window display at Macy's Herald Square in NYC.  

PUMA Digital Content

PUMA's digital display at Macy’s flagship store in NYC. The digital column sits on the aisle, inviting customers into the the PUMA shop. It consists of six 46-inch ultra thin bezel LCDs on two sides and static signage on the other two. Six 55-inch 1080p HDTVs are placed above actual product shelves and stands. All content is controlled by media players via the store’s network.

During my time at Panasonic, I continually worked with PUMA's marketing department to animate/update the content on all screens for a unique customer experience.

Satisfaction Infographic

by Captivate

Everybody loves a good infographic. Especially potential clients, when they want to know how Captivate enhances their building/tenant satisfaction with the leading digital media amenity.


I was asked to create a simple, informative infographic, and make it look aesthetically interesting, based on raw data conducted by an Office Pulse survey. This was shared with potential clients and posted on Captivate's LinkedIn page. 


I am based in NYC and open to remote work.

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